Giorgio Sironi


Giorgio Sironi

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About Speaker
“I started programming at age 11 when I got my first computer and never stopped since. During these years I evolved from server-side web development to care about the whole stack including front end and deployment of my projects. I am not afraid of taking technical leadership on difficult projects, keeping ethics and accountability in the spotlight to improve the chances of a lasting success.

I love object-oriented programming a la GOOS with Java and PHP, but I’m practicing functional programming as the most fitting tool for many problems. This has lead me to learn a variety of languages outside of work like Scheme and Erlang, all on Unix systems. I consider languages a tool and not a religion, having become a polyglot programmer.

I am fascinated by the architecture of concurrent and distributed applications. I built μservice-oriented, RESTful services and made them communicate with the event-based style of DDD and CQRS. To ensure these systems work in production, I have an history of implementing automated tests of any kind, from unit to the system level, including cross-browser and property-based testing.

I practice Agile software development, mostly inside a Kanban process. At the technical level I am an expert in Test-Driven Development, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery; at the team level I believe in collective ownership and code review, pair programming, and constant refactoring.”

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