Puja Purswani

Puja Purswani


About Speaker
Being an Electronics Engineer and a Tech Speaker at Mozilla, Pooja loves tinkering with various emerging technologies mainly VR, IoT-based platforms, with a motto of making the web a better and connected place for everyone, and spreading the love of web literacy. She has been conducting workshops at across India spreading the love of tech.

Project Things: A secure gateway to connect your things to Internet.

Talk abstract
With the advent of the IoT, are we really making our lives simpler or diving ourselves in a vast ocean by uploading our lives to the internet? Project Things is an experimental framework of software and services from Mozilla for connecting “things” without any Middleman.

Talk description
“Mozilla is working to create a Web of Things framework of software and services that can bridge the communication gap between connected devices. By providing these devices with web URLs and a standardized data model and API, we are moving toward a more decentralized Internet of Things that is safe, open and interoperable. Using the Internet of Things today is a lot like sharing information on the Internet before the World Wide Web existed. There were competing hypertext systems and proprietary GUIs, but the Internet lacked a unifying application layer protocol for sharing and linking information. The “Web of Things” (WoT) is an effort to take the lessons learned from the World Wide Web and apply them to IoT.

From this talk audience will take away an understanding of the privacy concerns related to IoT, and how they may be putting their personal information at risk by connecting my physical entities to the internet and how project things come to the rescue. The goal is for visitors to leave with a better understanding of some of the issues surrounding the Internet of Things today, and how Mozilla is working to build a decentralised IoT with the Web of Things, to improve interoperability, privacy and security through standardization.”

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