Robert Valta

Robert Valta

Intuition Machines, Inc.

About Speaker
Robert works as an open source blockchain engineer for a San Francisco-based ML company that’s the developer of hCaptcha, a drop-in replacement for Google’s reCaptcha that earns website owners money and helps companies get their data labeled. His focus is on hCaptcha’s open source libraries that make the payment of hCaptcha’s native token (Human Token) to websites seamless and efficient.

Introduction to the decentralized application stack

Talk abstract
The hype around blockchain is overwhelming. This talk will cut corners and go straight to the money with personal experience and tips on developing decentralized applications and how any full stack developer can become a blockchain engineer.

Talk description
Decentralized applications have taken the world by storm. Being a blockchain engineer is one of the hottest and most sought-after job titles of 2019. The session will start off with the basics of the Ethereum platform and slowly move to the decentralized application and smart contract stack. The session will be useful for both beginners and more advanced developers as general tips to becoming a blockchain engineer will be shared.

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