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  /  Giorgio Sironi

Giorgio Sironi

I started programming at age 11 when I got my first computer and never stopped since. During these years I evolved from server-side web development to care about the whole stack including front end and deployment of my projects. I am not afraid of taking technical leadership on difficult projects, keeping ethics and accountability in the spotlight to improve the chances of a lasting success.

I love object-oriented programming a la GOOS with Java and PHP, but I’m practicing functional programming as the most fitting tool for many problems. This has lead me to learn a variety of languages outside of work like Scheme and Erlang, all on Unix systems. I consider languages a tool and not a religion, having become a polyglot programmer.

I am fascinated by the architecture of concurrent and distributed applications. I built μservice-oriented, RESTful services and made them communicate with the event-based style of DDD and CQRS. To ensure these systems work in production, I have an history of implementing automated tests of any kind, from unit to the system level, including cross-browser and property-based testing.

I practice Agile software development, mostly inside a Kanban process. At the technical level I am an expert in Test-Driven Development, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery; at the team level I believe in collective ownership and code review, pair programming, and constant refactoring.

All Sessions By Giorgio Sironi

CDNs as Code
July 23, 2017 10.00-11.30
Content Delivery Networks like CloudFront, Cloudflare or Fastly improve the performance of your applications by serving cached copies of your pages and assets from servers around the world. CDNs look like a transparent layer but can in truth become much more complex; they still need to be included in your Infrastructure as Code efforts to get the same advantages of visibility, review, audit and reproducibility of their configuration. We’ll talk about: a single source of truth for CDN configuration testing environments that closely mimic real ones the observability of CDNs access logs the road from committing a change to seeing it live and try to avoid: going back to point and click inside yet another console trying out untested configurations in production real users experiencing errors in their browsers
From VM to Docker-on-VM
July 23, 2017 13.00-14.30
Transitioning existing applications to Docker can be a challenging task, but there are intermediate steps that can deliver value sooner without being as daunting as full scale container orchestration. Deploying container images on existing service-specific VMs is a good first step to let developers work with Docker images and at the same time targeting tested infrastructure. The main advantage is the reliability and speed of deployment, as the same artifact gets propagated to multiple environments and servers. At the same time, provisioning of VMs becomes lightweight as most of the dependencies migrate from the host to the image. We’ll talk about various concerns of such a migration: basic patterns to manage the footprint of a Docker image, and its impact on host VMs how host VMs change and sometime disappear, for example in some testing stages healthchecks as the new smoke tests how incremental the rollout can be made